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The Power of Energy and the Mindset for Better Health With Leanne Monaghan

Vicki Dello Joio

Leanne Monaghan is the President of Staying Alive Fitness. At the age of 59, she is in the best shape of her life, having defeated cancer and mitigated health issues. In her battle against cancer, Leanne combined conventional medicine with a healthy lifestyle — including a clean diet, hydrotherapy, and pilates. Using food for fuel, medicine, and enjoyment, she has overcome addiction.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Leanne Monaghan's fitness background and the inspiration for her top-selling program

  • Why self-awareness and being in control are essential for survival

  • Leanne talks about the law of rhythm and overcoming life's challenges

  • The importance of journaling

  • The four pillars of Leanne's business and how she helps clients build a solid mindset

  • The law of opposites — and the difference between responding and reacting

  • Leanne shares recent life experiences and what they taught her

  • Leanne explains her work as a Reiki massage therapist

In this episode…

Your mindset can determine whether or not you achieve your goals. How you program your mind influences how you relate to others and prioritize your health and wellness. How can you train your inner dialogue to yield lasting results?

According to Leanne Monaghan, you can produce energy to train your mind and create the life you desire using the concept of the body-mind-soul connection. Making the conscious decision to reprogram your mind and take control of life circumstances is the first step to improving your life. Her combined personal and professional experience in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is encouraging for those who feel stuck in ineffective rhythms.

In this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast, Mark Hiddleson sits down with Leanne Monaghan, the President of Staying Alive Fitness, to talk about wellness and the power of the mind. They also discuss the law of rhythm, the law of opposites, the four pillars of Leanne’s business, and her work as a Reiki massage therapist.

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Episode Transcript:

Intro 0:01

Welcome to The Tao of Pizza where we feature top logistics leaders, entrepreneurs and supply chain innovators and share their inspiring stories with a holistic twist.

Mark Hiddleson 0:16

Mark Hiddleson here, host of The Tao of Pizza Podcast where I talk with top industry innovators in the warehousing, logistics, and supply chain business with a holistic twist. Before introducing today's gift, this episode guest, which is a gift. Thank you, Leanne. This episode is brought to you by Specialized Storage Solutions, Inc. Look, I've been in the logistics and storage industry for several decades, we provide industry leading warehouse storage solutions nationwide. So basically, if you have a warehouse that needs rack, shelving carts, conveyors, or mezzanines, we help with the design, engineering, installation, inspections, and repairs to help clients optimize their logistics operations. And sometimes people don't even realize we can actually help with permit acquisition services as well. We take a holistic look at your entire business supply chain to develop the resources for continually improving your operation. To learn more, visit our website at, or give us a call at 707-732-3892. I'll even give out my personal email for podcast listeners. So email me at if you're ready to take your warehouse storage and retrieval systems to the next level.

Well, today's guest is Leanne Monaghan. And at age 59, Leanne is in the best shape of her life. She's defeated cancer, mitigated health problems like thyroid and menopausal issues, and she personally knows how hard aging can be determined to overcome cancer. She supported a conventional medicine approach with a healthy living approach. She embraced the practices of clean eating, hydrotherapy, detoxing and Pilates as a means to support her recovery journey. She's been cancer free since 2003. Leanne was also raised in a family with alcoholism and addiction issues and has had to deal with the root of repercussions firsthand. She's also faced her own demons with weight and addiction. She now uses food as fuel, medicine and enjoyment. Now Leanne works to help others work alongside each other passionate people in the system of mutual support to manifest the lives of their dreams. Leanne, welcome to The Tao of Pizza.

Leanne Monaghan 2:35

Oh, Mark, thank you so much. I am so honored and privileged to be a guest on your podcast today. Thank you.

Mark Hiddleson 2:42

Yeah, and I have to mention first we were introduced by Vicki Dello Joio, who has been a master teacher of mine for luckily for 20 years. She's just an amazing coach. You know, a woman's Hall of Fame martial arts instructor, the host of the CI talks. And what a great introduction. I'm really grateful for Vicki.

Leanne Monaghan 3:06

As am I She's been very pivotal in in my healing journey working with her as a power presenter. She's my mentor. And it's not just about learning how to be a power presenter, but the way that she gives you space and hears you when you're starting to tell your story. It takes your healing to a whole other level. So you know, Vicki. She's very close to my heart.

Mark Hiddleson 3:38

Yeah, that is that is awesome. And she, I've hosted her on to other interviews. And so people if you're listening to this, I'll put a link to those episodes to in the show notes of this episode. So people can check that out. So I was curious when when we were introduced, and I looked at your your companies and I was curious if you were always in the health and wellness industry or how you got started?

Leanne Monaghan 4:07

Oh, that's a great question mark. All right, to be perfectly honest with you. I have been in the fitness space for over 40 years. I started Yes. In the era where we wore the G strings on the outside of our pants with the leg warmers. I was one of those instructors. Oh my goodness. So I've been on a journey through many decades seeing a lot of fitness trends come and go. And yeah, it's always been part of my

Mark Hiddleson 4:41

life. Awesome. So back then your competitors would have been like Richard Simmons. Yes, yes. So I look well, you know, I would consider you know that I have to because I was an amateur athlete, and I really started training seriously for sport. When I was 12, or 13? So I would know I've been passionate about that as well, not professionally. But as an amateur athlete is fascinated with that. That's a great. So how did you?

Leanne Monaghan 5:15

Where did the idea

Mark Hiddleson 5:16

come from? You're one of your top selling programs is thinking to results, which promises massive success in body, mind and soul. So where did that? How did it evolve from? G string on the outside? Oh, I

Leanne Monaghan 5:35

get to manifestation coach your peak performance coach? Oh my gosh, that's a segue ever. Mark That is so good. I love that. I love that. Okay, I, I've been training and working with people, as I said, for over 40 years helping them with their fitness journey, and, you know, wellness journey, it doesn't only just mean fitness, but you know how to nourish their bodies. And what I was noticing was, people would invest all of this money and time in me so that I could coach them along their path, they would achieve their goals. And then it's like, okay, good land, thanks. I've got this. And I would see them six months later. And they would be right back to where they started with me. And I saw this over and over and over again. And not only just with people that I worked with, but because I do have a brick and mortar, I have a gym. And I've seen it. And we've been in business now for 19 years. And so it's just the same trend over and over, you know, January, September, those are the two busiest months. Yes. You know, shed the summer sands. Yes, it's, you know, New Year's resolution and not even three months into their membership. They're, you know, not even using it anymore. And, and then plus, with me working with people one on one, I was becoming very frustrated. I took it on myself and thinking, Oh, my gosh, what's wrong with me? Like, what's wrong with my coaching? What's wrong? How come these people aren't, you know, taking all of this information and transformation, why is it not sticking? And, and then, that's when I got introduced to mindset work. And my mentor, who has now since passed Bob Proctor, that was the missing link. It was the mindset piece. These wonderful souls that I had been working with are the ones that were coming through the doors to the gym, they were on a program. They were set, their thinking was set, their self image was set. You know what I've gained weight, I've lost weight, I've gained weight, I've lost weight. So this program was running in the background all of the time. So they were set there. So let's just say it's like a thermostat in your room. They were set at 72. They started working with me either one on one or they they they're going to buy a membership, whatever it is, then there. So they're changing their external, right, I'm going to go to the gym, I'm going to hire Leanne. So they're changing the external and they start to do the right things, drink more water, get outside, you know, watching what it is that they're eating, and you know, they're getting into an exercise routine. So here they are, they're set at 72. They're adding in a bit of willpower, right? So then they're raising the temperature. It's like, oh, okay, I've got the goal. Yes, I've got the goal. That program is still running in the background. So they would reach their goals, but this is where their setpoint was like, lose weight, gain, weight, lose weight gain, weight exercise, don't exercise, overeat deprivation. So this or, you know, this program was still here at 72. They use a bit of willpower and they get the results that they want. Then all of a sudden, a bad weekend. Okay, that the temperature gauge goes down. Then it's like, oh, you know what, I have an exercise for a week, so maybe I'll just don't worry about it. Then the temperature goes down again. And as you and I both know, Mark, like, wherever you go, if you're set at 72 Whether you go below or whether you go up this thing always return to 78 new Yeah.

Mark Hiddleson 9:55

And it's like an operating system. i It's funny. I have a dual relationship with programs because you can also have I've learned a lot of in how in my evolution was putting in good programs. And then even the good programs start to run a month after. Because as you add on and adjust, or even things happen when you say stress, and you deal with that will that good when it's when it's the only thing that's on autopilot, it can be really good. It's a survival instinct, right? Because a lot if we had to think about every single thing ever, we would be just way too much. So the but the programs can take on their own meaning and program that starts out good like money. A lot of how I've earned money has been like I kind of have a program set mindset for creating income. But it's Be careful, don't let that one take over from the relationship program or you know, all this. So the awareness, and I love what you're saying with the, we don't change as humans it's, we get in a rut, it's kind of human nature. So I love that you're bringing up programs and I have a love hate relationship with programming because I think it's like the DOS operating since I've heard it. And I did the thing I had a have a holistic health. I don't like machine metaphors. But they're so useful. Like this one, a program like a program on a computer, like a computer is kind of where they were useless when they first came out until there was the DOS operating system will still then like you didn't have to be able to program a computer. I think human is the same way. So I interrupted you a little bit. But I love the the whole idea of programming, changing programming, you know, an ongoing, absolutely, it never ends paying attention to the

Leanne Monaghan 11:57

No, you're right, it never ends. And that's the beauty of being human. It's never, to me, we're spiritual bodies in this physical. Like, we're human beings are spiritual beings in this human body. And it's all we're here for expansion and fuller expression. That's what I believe. Yeah. You know, it's it's our survival mechanism to that we all that either we're expanding or we're disintegrating. And I'm finding it's not just in the it's not just in the fitness and health and wellness industry, it's, you know, this, this work applies to every aspect of your life. And when you understand that your programs, they were installed by well meaning parents who had their own programs, teachers, you know, friends, co workers, and when you start to become aware of your programs, like is that really true? Like, is that really true and start questioning them? Like, may I ask you a question?

Mark Hiddleson 13:10

I would love it. Okay, okay.

Leanne Monaghan 13:12

Okay. I love Yeah, I love that. Well, I so you said that it's human nature to you know, have these programs, and then it's human nature to you know, always be at a set point, right. Am I was I correct? In that kind of assumption to human nature?

Mark Hiddleson 13:35

Was the? Yeah, I think it is. It's a survival mechanism of learning. Like I said, we had to make all those survival, you know, the survival instincts of you had to make all of the decisions that your subconscious makes consciously, that you'd be overwhelmed in 10 seconds, you know, everything that's going on reactions to facial expressions, to the body language, to the tone of voice, our bodies are this amazing, so many stimuli, I guess, are the things that we're able to notice, you know, aware it be aware of, and to have to make a decision, like every single one is, so so it's it is it's a survival mechanism, it is human nature to create these programs, we could call them programs that help you survive it now, I know. You know, but I also think the, like any program that could take off on it can be off to the races. And be, I think there's a balance between the program and the programmer, I guess. And,

Leanne Monaghan 14:44

exactly. So then my question to you is, do you believe then that you are in control of your programs or are your programs controlling you?

Mark Hiddleson 14:57

So that I think it's, it's it's a lifelong. In my work, and I'm working on the I'm been working on a book, it's almost published, it could be out by the time anybody hears this. And it's, uh, I mean, you really are. I don't want to get too deep into it. But your question was, do you have control over the programming? Or does the programming have control over you? And it's yes and mean. And the more you know, self awareness that I've had, I mean, it's, I still find myself after 20 years of very serious practice, like, wait a minute, the survival instinct programs have this reacting, or we were talking before about judgment of just judging. You're judging this, you know, don't like the way someone's riding their bicycle. Why am I even thinking? Like, pretty with you? Yeah. So. So it is, I mean, I think that's the fun too. And I think it's, it's scary for some people, because the program's it is survival. This is how it made it. This is how my relationships work. This is how my, my business works. And I think I mean, I think that's where a lot of the meat is, is how do we expand that? How do we expand that ability to kind of take control, and I think there's a few things for one your body, you can, you can follow your body, like when I feel great, and my body feels great, and I'm in a great mood and everything. If my energy is low, or you know, I've haven't had the right foods or anything, I could be way more reactive, or, you know, I remember our kids when they hadn't eaten you think, Wait, this awesome kid always does everything you've told them. They're a little hungry, and they start misbehaving. It's like, I'm still like that, I get a little hungry, and I started misbehaving. So the body and then the social, there's always ups and downs in the social, that if you just follow that life's like a roller coaster. But I think the rule, the key for me for freedom, is to not go on any of those roller coasters. And kind of put, but it's easy in theory. It's simple. But but not easy for me. Yeah.

Leanne Monaghan 17:05

So Mark, why did it What if you whenever you're talking about these roller coasters? What if that's actually just the law of rhythm? I mean, law of rhythm. And whenever you're in it, it's like, you know, it's easy to be on the high part, like you said, like, everything's just ticking. And then there's the dip. And whenever people are in the dip, it's like, oh my gosh, that's the tendency to beat themselves up. They're full of shame, judging themselves. And, you know, like you said, a little bit hangry, or whatever it is, right? And, but the beautiful thing is, with this work, when you understand that it's just the law of rhythm. And whenever you're on those dips, to give yourself space and grace, and that's where, you know, you're doubling down on meditation, breath, work, rest, eat something healthy, whatever it is, yeah, journal. Yeah. Love it, love it. And it's, it's how you have a relationship, or how you interact with the low, like the dips, that's just going to make the highs a little bit faster. And some people stay in the dip. Yeah. Like, they stay in the depper. And, and just so it gives it for me with getting into this work and, and really digging deep into the spiritual loss. If you don't, we're kind of all over the map here. But this is all good. But when I before I this work, I you know, when I was in the dip, I was beating myself up and, you know, just not a nice place to be. And not a nice person to be around either. And then through this work and understanding that, hey, you know what, I'm just in the law of rhythm, it's gonna pass no biggie and just give myself the space and grace and self care, whatever it is. And now the dips, they're a lot shorter. And now the dips are also I'm, I'm having a different relationship with them. I'm interacting with them differently because I understand exactly what it is. And it's like, okay, I can move through this. So it's like you said, it's the awareness and, okay, this is just a spiritual law here, in effect, and okay,

Mark Hiddleson 19:38

I'm just gonna roll with it.

Leanne Monaghan 19:41

Yeah, it's a different energy, right then. Somebody who's in the dip in their, you know, all their nervous system is just going haywire, like a computer. There's going Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee like you know, and to be able to manage that, understand it, you Not to say that you're not, you know, you experience the emotions. That's okay. But it's with that understanding of this is what's happening.

Mark Hiddleson 20:10

And then, so will you remind them because we talked a lot of the practices, and you'd mentioned journaling, I think before before we got on, and it's something that I've done for a year. I mean, probably, again, it's a 20 year practice. And I remember having lunch with a friend of mine, this is, it was when I first started working on the book. I'm not gonna say how long goes, it's embarrassing, but some five or six years ago, but I said, Man, you know, journaling, I get so much out of it. But it just seems like I don't have time. And we were at lunch, we were just kind of sharing, like, I like to go to lunch with other people my age, you know, just share ideas that are working. And he goes, Yeah, we're all busy. So whenever you journal, about how long you do it, and I thought about it, like, oh, well, I go, it's usually about seven to 10 minutes. It's like, okay, I don't have seven to 10 minutes to journal. It's really, but that's a story, or it's a program, that I'm so busy and so busy. And then here's this practice, that makes the whole day better. You know, it doesn't matter if I do in the morning, in the afternoon, when I'm stressed when I'm feeling great, whatever. And that was, it was just funny. And let's so that's why I love having those lectures, because you hear yourself say that. Yeah, I don't have seven minutes for journaling. Totally, yeah, change the program and start journaling. And so ever since then, it's like, I'm just all in, then there's no pressure, because the other thing is on journals, like, well, I need to be a perfect journal er, so I have to have the lighting, I have to have the space and the candles, and everything's like, no, just carry a notebook with you, and scribble stuff down. So that's

Leanne Monaghan 21:52

it, I love that and, and I'm going to just add in something there. So we're let's add in another law, the spiritual law, the perpetual transmutation of energy, when you pick up your pen, and you so you're, as you and I both know, energy travels to and through us, we're energetic beings. So you know, you're getting these downloads, and the provide the perpetual transmutation of energy right through your hand to your pen onto your paper. Like that is you're releasing energy. Think about it, ice. If you put it in a pot, and you boil it, it turns to water first, then to steam, then to rain back down. And with journaling, you're going in that circle. So you're taking whatever energy it is, whether it's a positive idea, or you're trying to get something negative out of you on paper, you're transmuting that energy, there is so much power, pen to paper, that's where the magic happens. So I really thank you for for talking about that. Because yeah, that's there's another law in operation.

Mark Hiddleson 23:08

Yeah, and thank you for tying it together with the energetic. You know, the idea that everything's energy and energy is everything, because a long time ago, I looked at, you could just look at these as a laundry list of practices, you name something eating, greening, clean, journaling, meditating, going for walks outside being in nature, you could just look at it as a list. But the way you just explained it, it's also when you look at it within a systemic and idea about the system of it, it's not just the list of things, they're all interconnected. And they are what connects us to each other, and of the world. And that really, that's the mindset, or the program that I've had the biggest aha is, you know, started as a list of, okay, I'm gonna do this, this, this, this, this. And so I look at it as seeing the parts, which is the journaling, the weight training, the running the meditating. And then the whole is like the whole list itself. So seeing the parts, seeing the whole, but then seeing with energy, and what you just said, is seeing with energy. So it's not just some woowoo idea. It's a very, very practical, it's practical, it's realistic, it's closer to reality, than models that were being that we were taught in school or or the social there's, this isn't out in the social. We haven't been trained. Unless we're taking your class. Yeah, you are training people training. You know, it takes training it does. It's not like you should read a paragraph about it and you'll okay. That's what it is. It takes tons of training. It's always funny when I think about how much training I've done, and how much the program or everything's still. It's a lot of fun. I mean, I think it makes it fun and exciting the humor merely a little humor. That's why I love humor, because the self awareness, it does kind of take, it takes a little bit of the pain away to look like, Oh, this is how I behave in certain situations, you know, not always the great communicator, or the great listener. Yeah. Yeah. So the energy, so you also had a, I wanted to talk a little bit about mind, body and soul. And I think when we talked to before, before the interview, a couple of weeks ago, that you had four, there were four pillars of your work. Would you mind going into the what the four pillars are? Kind of how they, how they work together? I wanted to hear more about that for sure.

Leanne Monaghan 25:48

Oh, okay. Love that. Thank you for that question. So what's Marx talking about is actually my third business, and it's called The Wellthy Academy. So I say everyone needs to be wellthy. Why I love that novel mean, like we entered money is just energy, and we need it. And we can do a lot of good with money. So let's just drop all the paradigms around, you know, money is the root of all evil, and, you know, people that have a lot of money, you know, they had to, you know, mess around with people to get it. And you know, it's all a lot of negative around it. Money doesn't grow on trees, money is just energy.

Mark Hiddleson 26:31

Yeah. And even though you have to work really hard and burn yourself out of it, yeah. Another paradigm.

Leanne Monaghan 26:38

Another, another paradigm. So with The Wellthy Academy, the one of the first one of the pillars is is the mind. And that's mind set. And I work with clients to make sure that they have a solid mindset, they understand the foundations of how to build a solid mindset. We do this through a very simple process. And understanding this is very simplistic, but it's it's very powerful. If you visualize and if I had no, you're gonna miss me. Can I have a second just to look at something? Sure. Sorry, sorry. Hang on. All right. Got it right here. Sorry, he's just a piece of paper. So this is a very simple diagram of a stick person. Okay, as we just talked about it, is always traveling to and through us. Love it. So the top part right here, so we're just this is very simplistic, so please bear with me, the top part is your conscious mind. So that's your thinking mind. So as this energy comes in, to your being in your conscious mind, you have the ability to choose either you're gonna choose a negative thought, or you're going to choose a positive thought. So you're you are a magician, because you're always working with this energy. Then the thought creates the feeling subconscious. So the subconscious has no power, it can only take orders from your thoughts. So all the subconscious, the heart of hearts are the womb of creation. Because it you know, your subconscious can create a picture, like if I was to describe to you that, oh, my gosh, you're being chased by this bear. You don't even have to have a bear. And if you really had a good imagination, you could get your body in a fight or flight just like that, thinking about it. That comes from the subconscious, your thoughts, then impressed into the subconscious, which is the feeling part. Okay. So the feeling part then sets up the vibration of your body. So you feel like oh my god, I'm scared. So now all of a sudden, your body's just like me, you know, you're buzzing around. So vibration is what causes you to act. And then, of course, the universe reacts. And so your results always tell an interesting story. Because from your results, you can tell what you're thinking, the law of cause and effect, right? What's the cause your thoughts? The effect is what's happening around you in your 3d world. So you change your thoughts, which changes your program, your results are going to change but results that stick. Okay, so now, if you choose a negative thought, you know, fear, doubt and worry II causes anxiety which causes disease, dis ease in your body. So that's the, that's this side. But then on the beautiful side of, you know, your your, you've got the power to decide whatever you want to choose. So you choose positive thought. So you have knowledge based on understanding, because you study like, I'm telling you now about how these universal laws are working through this very simple stick person, right? So then you have faith, faith is, you know, fears faith turned upside down. So you've got this face, like I always am journaling, calm expectancy, because I always expect the best and calm faith, like it's not like this little faith, like I'm calm. And of course, being around Vicki who we just talked about, she's like the calming force, right? And then this causes the well being. So in this very simple diagram, you learn about cause and effect the causes your thoughts, effect is what is happening in the 3d world. So these are the people that I'm working with in the health part of it. And I need you for viewers to is that, you know, their program is lose weight, gain, weight, lose weight, gain weight. So they're looking at their physical world, saying, well, LeAnn, I've done it like 10 times before, what is going to change this time? Well, what's so they're looking at circumstance and thinking that that is true. While it is true, because your thoughts are creating it over and over again. Right? Like, they come to work with me and I say, oh, yeah, here we go, I'm going to do this again. And yeah, I'm going to add in a bit of willpower, willpower only works to a certain degree. Now I'm going to hit my goal, and I'm going to go back. Like, honestly, if they were really honest with themselves, that would be like low grade infection, that, you know, homerun right here, even though outwardly they're doing all the right things. So that's why, to me, whenever you really want to have results that stick whether it's financially or with your health, or relationships, it's an inside job, it's this. So does this make sense? So then this sets up the law of vibration, right, or the law of attraction, so you attract to how you feel not how you think. But how you feel? Yeah,

Mark Hiddleson 32:29

I love them,

Leanne Monaghan 32:30

then this now causes the law of attraction. So you're going to attract whatever it is that that you're looking for. Hello, then holding the thought right through the perpetual transmutation of energy. Now you want to change your self image from seven, like we talked about at the beginning, if you're set at 72, and you want to move up to 80, you gotta write it out. So by the perpetual transmutation of energy, you're taking this energy, you're turning it into a thought I am, you know, confident, or whatever it is, I am healthy, I am healthy. So you keep that thought. And it's like a coffee grind. Like, you know, when you when you have a Bodom, you're pushing that thought into your subconscious mind, the womb of creation, your subconscious mind doesn't know if it's true or not. But it has to accept whatever thought that you're thinking,

Mark Hiddleson 33:25

I've heard the metaphor that your subconscious mind, it doesn't have a choice it so it just records everything is true. Basically, everything is true. So it doesn't get to decide true or false. So ever you let in there. So consciousness goes, Okay, true stimulus, because it doesn't, it just doesn't work that way. So you have to, and I love so so my model is about enhancing six human gifts, which I would say self awareness, and imagination. And those are all in there. Because imagination is what sort of creates that thought that creates the fear. It's in your mind, it's usually fears imagined, it's not real, and your inner voice that your inner voice isn't always used. Sometimes it's social, sometimes it's so you can train that inner voice. And then really what you're saying is you have the power of choice, which all of these are like muscles, you can build your self awareness. So how do you build your self awareness muscle? How do you build your imagination muscle? How do you build your inner voice muscle, your choice muscle, and then kinesthetic sense, and I think that's one that you brought into that there's a feeling with it. Once that thought goes to imagination and it becomes beard or something else. It's that versatile. You can train your you can train that and it's not just it is it's probably one of my best meditations is strength training. Because you don't have you know, you have to be focused that there's so much weight and I used to when I was really young and we had some unhealthy practices but to get stronger. You can imagine that there was a car that you were trying to lift off of somebody who you love that was hurt. And it's like, all of a sudden your body gets this extra strength that you didn't have when you were just lifting weights in the gym. And so so the sixth one is a sense of humor, because it's really how this all works is in order to play with it. And I think and I think it's a gift. It's not just humans have it too, because animals will play, you know, animals will play fight, like you play fight, but they're kind of they're building their skills. And so I think that sense of humor, it's something that can really, it can open the possibility, like, I'm willing to look at those things, because I know, you know, it could be fun. It could be fun. So my, my rule number seven is that rule number one is, enjoy the journey, laugh hard, and laugh often. So it's rule number seven, but it's rule number one. Isn't number seven, have fun. But yeah,

Leanne Monaghan 36:03

I love that

Mark Hiddleson 36:03

you're when I saw that diet, and I was like, wow, we're like the same. Same idea of just using energy. Because again, it's how do you work with energy without this being like, Oh, I have great energy. Now. You're, it's training. So you have developed ways to train in areas right and train your thought. So first, I have to ask you, your pen looks like a crystal are something I have to ask.

Leanne Monaghan 36:33

This, this is this is a rose quartz. And as you can see all this stuff here behind me here on my women unfolding, and it's all kind of in the Rose Quartz color scheme. It always reminds me that we're always unfolding. And there's like, we're here for expansion and fuller expression. And like you said, it's the journey and have fun along the way and laugh at yourself.

Mark Hiddleson 37:02

Yeah, yeah, it's humor. It's it's humility. Yeah, some some of my most embarrassing moments where I thought I was all that. I really, I really wasn't. So I wanted to, so that we talked about the four pillars. No, we

Leanne Monaghan 37:21

did it because I'm so sorry, I got so passionate about

Mark Hiddleson 37:25

that just made me think, oh, wow, this is energy. This is choice. This is imagination. Yes, that extends that felt like all these things that you're talking about training. And you don't hear there's not very many circles, where you're here, people who've done the work to create the program. And then it's also the year of tracking people. Because that's the other thing. You know, when I was working with Vicki, it was in a master's degree, when it was a group of people and because of our commitment level to exploring these kind of, you know, in 2000, it wasn't there as much as it is today, what people were talking about complementary and alternative therapies or meditation. There was only a couple studies in like the late 60s 1969, Herbert Benson. Well, now I think last year, there were like 2000 studies on meditation. So it but it was that group of people that were so willing to kind of trust each other, because there's things in this that you share, or that come on. So it's not just the practice, it's, it's creating the right group of how to create this. So share a little bit about that, about how you know, people are attracted or how you get to work with groups like that.

Leanne Monaghan 38:35

Love, love, love, love, love. So that is. So you know, to me, it's not by accident that we are connected through video. It's not by accident that I'm here today. It's not by accident that you reached out, it's it's not by accident, because energetically there is something there. Obviously, we're blessed that we was connected through Vicki, but it's not by accident. Right. So the second pillar so this goes into the second pillar now. So the first pillar of The Wellthy Academy is the mindset and I go deep into teaching about the mindset with the spiritual laws and how you know, we dance through life with understanding that very simple stick figure, and how that works with the spiritual laws. The second pillar is energy. So we're talking about energy in it. So most people are reacting to life there. They're going with their five senses, what they see what they smell, what they hear what they taste and what they touch, and they're reacting to it. So think about it, you know, you're looking at something on the news, you're reacting to it. So most people are in the reaction state a lot of the times. Now, what you're talking about the gym for your mind and energy. So we have six higher faculties that we have at our disposal, and there's our part have in your book, right? imagination? Imagination is my best business tool 100%. Second is intuition. Right imagination, those two are very those are my superpowers, imagination and intuition. The third one is reason. Then we've got memory, perception. Okay, so the so it's these higher faculties that we start to learn to tap into. And so that's what I start to teach people in this program in this work is how to use your imagination for you to create the results that you want. Because like you just said, it creates this energy of attraction, it sets up the law of attraction. How then do you use your intuition? I call it the bridge of incident. So in your imagination, which I call in my world, like the fourth dimension, like let's just have some fun with it, right? We're here in this third dimension, physical world. How do you bring in your imagination down to like down to the 3d world to our physical world, and it's called the Bridge of incidence. Like, you'll start to see signs, right and you signs that it's coming. And you'll know intuitively, that this is what's happening. That's why I said I, I'm I'm every day I write out column expectancy, because I'm expecting the bridge of incidents, to reveal itself to me every day that my goal is coming. My goal of health is coming, my goal of business is coming, whatever it is, so think about it, if remember when Columbus was, you know, out in the middle of ocean and you know, he's doesn't know where land is. But he started to see some birds that were, that were habitat in on land. And then he would see twigs in the water. So he knew okay, there's land, it's coming. And that's what I'm talking so I start to people start to learn how to use their energy for them. And then oh, okay, we take it from our imagination, use intuition. Look for the bridge of incident signs that the goal is coming. And that's the second pillar of The Wellthy Academy. The third pillar is how to nourish your body I don't talk about diet I don't talk that language does not exist for me it's how do you nourish your body? Like how do you support it not deprive it or I can have this or can have that it's like how do you nourish your body? And the force pillar, as you know, I mean, for two years with the woowoo it's a how do you move your body it's not about fitness anymore. It's how do you move your body and you know, with with the background that I have, I'm also a registered massage therapist too. So I prescribe now at this stage in my career, I prescribe exercise programs or movement programs for people it's not just you know you know, just kind of like okay, I want to work out this you know, biceps or whatever it is build a bigger but it's like I prescribe based on Yes, was building

Mark Hiddleson 43:29

a bigger but so far.

Leanne Monaghan 43:32

has a great amount for it. I'm like, Whoa, we can I don't know the booty is a big thing. I have to say like, I see your clinic or at the gym. Like the young girls that are here. They're all like, building their bots. It's so cute. Yeah,

Mark Hiddleson 43:48

yeah, yeah, I have kids from 19 to 29 My daughter's 22. And she's we train we don't always train together but whenever they're in Tallinn, they come to my gym, we usually work out but she was doing these exercises. And she's like, this is what I'm doing. This is for me. I'm like, what? When did that become a thing? It just mentioned it so it's a thing.

Leanne Monaghan 44:11

Yeah, so there's another trend right that coming down the pipe? Right?

Mark Hiddleson 44:16

Totally. So it's one of the you know, now it's what's popular is going to build the legs back to you know, it was chest when I was training it was always like how much can you bench press? Exactly? Yes. Yeah. So that's the it's still my favorite exercise even though it's how I've been injured. It's how you know it's not a great exercise but who's still it's like how much can you bench? So is the new bench. But

Leanne Monaghan 44:44

you might as the new bench love that. Oh my gosh, I'm going to start using that thank you more or less. Brilliant.

Mark Hiddleson 44:51

I love it. I love those of us that you call it well though wealthy. And it's really the point of of my book is So it's called the proven path to pursuing your potential for peace and prosperity. Because it's not, there's not this idea that it's one or the other. And I also like alliterations, it's, it's a great way to remember things. Yes, it's a proven path. Because, you know, throughout the years, you know, and studying with Masters, a lot of different traditions sort of have the same path, which is looking at your worldview, looking at your mission and vision, looking at how you speak is a big part of it, of your speech to yourself, your body language, like all these different forms of speech, the words you choose, and, but taking action, and just all these, and then you have to make money at some point. So that has to be a chapter. And then but anyways, I love it, I this everything, everything about what you're saying resonates. It's a different.

Leanne Monaghan 45:51

Yeah. Man, he's just looking at it from a different point of view. So

Mark Hiddleson 45:57

and I think my clients, you know, sort of another, you know, you're helping me connect, you know, I've never been in the, in the wellness or fitness industry other than the consumer, or just a pass, I'd be like a fat fanatic. I've been fanatical about a holistic, I would call it a holistic approach. And what does that have to do with my business or my clients. But I think if you're, if you're asked, if you're up to big things, if you want to start a company, start a movement, or a family, or think adjusting your mindset, having a holistic in the spiritual part to about not just, you know, living alive, but but making a contribution that lasts for forever. And so I wanted to I know, we had some challenges setting up this meeting, and I'm gonna ask you the question about, well, first year, you're, we were trying to get a call at a time and your husband fell down playing hockey or something. And then you lost an important member of your family. And you shared some of that about with the early and I really would love it, if you could, you know, kind of tie it back together with that, that spiritual piece of the life well lived. ups and the downs because you were, we were down, right? We were at like, we were expecting abundance we were sharing, there was a space, you know, I wanted to be a space for you. And we had some real life experience. So please, oh, we

Leanne Monaghan 47:26

did. Oh, thank you, Mark. And you know, it's so beautiful, that we we connected because even through the texts, I thought this is a very special man, because you had compassion and you had understanding. And I already felt it before we even met. So I'm just going to put that out there right away. That's the energy that you give. And one of the things that I journal every day, and I was I revealed a few calm, expect and see calm confidence. I'm all in I attract. I asked for guidance always. And this is the last one. I am unmoved by circumstance. So circumstance must give way. And it's, it's the law of opposites. So you and I, we were connecting to have a beautiful experience together. It's beautiful. The law of opposites has to come in. Right, the light the dark. And so what came in we were supposed to meet my husband fractured his hip, I'm in the hospital, the poor guy is in pain. And, you know, this is our first interaction. I can't be there, Mark, I'm sorry. And then I get a beautiful text, you know, with full of compassion and love. And it's like, we'll connect a little bit later on. It's all good. And so I was unmoved by circumstance, like, you know, my husband had this, you know, I just knew I was in the law of opposites. And what else was happening is that I was having a big masterclass that following week, and everyone is like, Leanne, are you sure you can do this? Like, you know, holy snaps you've been in the hospital all weekend? And I'm like, nope, I've got this like, I'm unmoved by circumstance, circumstance must give way. And it was like, the best masterclass that I ever had. So it's just like, how am I responding not reacting because I'm responding because I'm in control. Right. I'm unmoved by all of this, you know, law of opposites. That's all around me. I'm in control. And then we were we were we scheduled we had a nice little chat on the on the phone and that was again, beautiful. So I went in and I I set up a podcast, which was for Monday, today's Friday. A day, and I had to reschedule it because I was releasing my beloved dog of the physical world. And I was, you know, that's the gift that we can give our pets is that we can euthanize them and release them to the spiritual realm. And so, you know, I had again, we had to reschedule circumstance came up. And I'm not saying that that's the law of opposites. But you know, something did come up between the podcast again, you were gracious, did you ever pet to you understood? And so the beautiful thing that came out of that was another thing that I journal and Mark and I had a conversation before we came on to the podcast. And one of the things that I journal every day is that I'm really trying hard to be non judgmental. It's one of the Four Agreements, right? Yeah. Don't judge. I don't judge myself. I don't judge situations. I try. I try. I can't say that. I'm 100%. But I really try it. Like, I'm like, I'm driving down. If it weren't, if I wasn't in, if I wasn't in fitness, I'd be in fashion. So I'm driving home and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, what's that person wearing? And I'm like, stop it. Stop at the end. Stop. I snap my fingers. I snap my fingers. Nope. I'm sending that person love. Like, holy snaps Mark, I only live three kilometers away from the clinic. And sometimes I'm snapping my fingers so hard to get me out of that judgment. I'm like, it's so funny. Right? Yes. Anyway. So that so because I am really trying hard not to judge. And I shouldn't say hard. I'm being more aware. See, be impeccable with your word. We are aware, because then the law of Office is hard. Easy, right? So anyway, should? Yeah. Yeah, just being aware. So. So then, if you're aware of how much judgment that you're in, if everything, imagine what your day would be, like, how much freedom you would have, because you're not judging, right? It's like, wow, like, you've got so much creative space opened up to you. So after I write, I, I'm, you know, I no longer judge. And then I said, I am free. I am free, because like we just talked about, like, I'm free. I've got all this creativity, I've got all this open space in my head, in my mind and my being because I'm not judging. And you know, you never know, whenever you're journaling, how it's going to play out. Like, here's the thing, I thought it was one way because I'm not judging. And the whole how I'm tying this into releasing my dog that I had for 14 years, is because I'm an energy worker, like I, you know, I was with him energetically the whole time when he was transitioning. And I asked him, I said, Give me a sign that you're okay. And when I left, and I was walking home, because the vet clinic is close to my house. I had this experience of freedom that I can't even put into words. I know it was spiritual freedom. I know what it's like to be on the other side. And honestly, we have nothing to fear and death. It's just a trance. Like it's just transition to we're just transitioning into a different form perpetual transmutation of energy, we come down to physical, you know, we were released to spiritual we disintegrate. And anyway, so it was an I knew and I said to my husband, I said it and my dog's name is rocky acid. Rock, he's with us right now, Rocky is giving me the sign that this is what he feels like, this is what it's like, on the other side. And it was just like, I was at peace, like, I had such a sense of peace, again, that I've never experienced before. I just put my dog down. And here I am, like, at this sense of peace, this freedom, like it was just a verb of reverberating from me i And and so what I wanted to say to that so that was a beautiful gift that he gave me and and I'm sharing it with you today. I think this is this is the first time publicly that I've ever talked about it. But it's just again, it's pen to paper. I thought I am free meant this because I'm free of judgment and I so now I'm free. But look at how it showed up. Yeah, something bigger and better

Mark Hiddleson 55:03

now, and the gift, the gift of Rocky in your relationship and the energetic relationship and the gift of one life and the ultimate, really the ultimate transmutation of energy, you know, is passing to the other side. So I thought that was so beautiful. And thank you for sharing that. It's it's just beautiful. And we're actually I do I want to ask you, I want to I meant to ask you, sir energy worker, you're a Reiki practitioner, right? Are you trained in Reiki or did

Leanne Monaghan 55:41

Reiki master and a level three Therapeutic Touch? Wow.

Mark Hiddleson 55:46

So I want to I want to host an entire different episode just on Reiki in therapeutic trials because I've never Therapeutic Touch. Well, because I think that's that's like huge. There's so much I've heard. So I'm not a Reiki practitioner. But I've I've had Reiki and then massage massage is part of my, I mean, I tried to get himself at least once a month just and again is its energy, extreme exchange, and most massage practices or gifted energy, even if they don't call it energy it is its energy, energy work. So say a little bit about Reiki, we got a few extra minutes a week, we can go a few minutes longer because I'd love to hear about Reiki and massage in energy because I think that's a great way I think for somebody to dive in, you know if to have a treatment or energy treatment or so sharing a little bit about Reiki and then what is the best way to connect with you? And your Is it three companies or four you have for the fitness? Three companies? So there's the wealth.

Leanne Monaghan 56:52

Yeah, and then they're Staying Alive Wellness Clinic because I mean, look at it, we're in that zone, right? And Staying Alive. Oh, I love staying alive.

Mark Hiddleson 57:01

So now I'm not thinking about a bear anymore. I'm thinking about the spandex with the what did you call it didn't cheese Sterling, I call it something else. Okay, that rhymes with flosser. But G string on the outside.

Leanne Monaghan 57:24

That's what we used to do. Yeah, so that yeah, so then. So I have a physical like, I'm here at the gym right now on The Club. And we turned it into wellness clinic in Cote during COVID. So that I could stay open, I had to pivot my business, you got to be smart, like and be able to pivot so the gym wouldn't have survived. But under being a wellness clinic, you were essential. So I quickly changed the business model. That's a whole other story. And then during COVID two, that's when I opened The Wellthy Academy. And I you know, that's whenever I got into the coaching seriously. So there is a lie. So I do have three, three businesses. So I am a serial entrepreneur, even though you know, hey, I'm, you know, into the spiritual and all of that, but it's part of it, money is just energy. And when it comes to massage and working on somebody's physical body, and I'm going to say that I'm not I was trained, I went back to school to be a registered massage therapist. So I've got all the theory, right, so let's go masculine feminine energy right here. Okay, how the two dads together. I went to school for two years. So, you know, all of the Okay, here's the anatomy, you know, here are the techniques. This is how you treat a frozen shoulder, you know, I've got all the strategy. So it's that's very left brained, masculine energy. It never, it never sat right with me whenever I was doing it, so I always judged myself because I was like, Yeah, I don't do all these tests that all these other massage therapists do. Like I just move on intuition, right? Because I told you intuition and imagination. Those are my two superpowers in the six higher faculties. And then, so then the feminine energy started to come through and I had already been in therapeutic touch and Reiki before I became a massage therapist. So all I would do is I'm just the vessel that the energy just goes to and through and it just goes through my hands. It's not me. It is not me. I'm just the physical conduit. That's it. And even when you're talking about, you know, that image or whatever, that's not me, that's just spirit to and through me.

Mark Hiddleson 59:54

It's not me. And

Leanne Monaghan 59:57

so whenever I'm working on If somebody's beautiful physical body, whatever shape it is, it doesn't matter to me. I always ask for guidance. Intuition, guide me. And that's how I approach my massage. Yes, I am a regulated health care professional. I'm here in Canada. So I'm a registered massage therapist. So I've got all the credentials. And I'm grateful that I have it because that it gives me an edge. I know the anatomy, I know the techniques. But when I'm approaching somebody, it's it's, it's through intuition. And it's an it's through feeling. And I massage and color comes to me, that's how it is for me, like I understand and that, and I can tell, you know, certain things about the body. Like, it's just intuition. Like, there was one client that I had, I said, you know, not that I know anything. And I'm not allowed to diagnose, but maybe the next time when you go to the doctor asked about your liver, sure enough, there was something going on with the liver. And he came back to me, how did you know I just, the body talks to you. If you're open to, right, it's, it tells you a story. And so that's how I approach massage. And I'm not everybody does, because some people are really clinical. And that's perfect. Like, they need that in the physiotherapy clinics, you need to have the massage therapists like boom, boom, boom, we're working on this exactly. And we need those type of massage therapists too, but I'm kind of more than that.

Mark Hiddleson 1:01:35

I love that. Yeah, the certifications it is it is masculine. And it's also it's machine body metaphors. You're looking at the body is this machine. Everybody's really is energetic tool. And you're and you're doing both. That's why That's why I would love to. I would love to hear more. So we are, we are out of time. But I love this visit Leann Monaghan, three different businesses will have ways to get in touch with you on all three on our show notes. But thank you so much. This is I had high expectations for this conversation going in, but it's still it blew my mind. I don't know. Because I was my expectations, my judgments my pre judgments ahead of time were through the roof. But this has been amazing. Thank you so much for for joining us on The Tao of Pizza.

Leanne Monaghan 1:02:29

Oh, Mark, thank you. It's been my honor and my privilege, oh my goodness, and you're just such a even through the texts and before we even met in person and thank you for being so gracious all of this circumstance that I was dealt beforehand. It's been amazing. And I just I love I can hardly wait to book is published because it's it works exactly with what I'm doing. So it's going to be part of my 6am Club. Recommended. We'll talk about the next one on the next podcast. Yeah, and

Mark Hiddleson 1:03:03

I definitely want to have you back. There's a ton of stuff here. Awesome. Well, thank you so much.

Leanne Monaghan 1:03:08

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Outro 1:03:12

Thanks for listening to The Tao of Pizza Podcast. We'll see you again next time. And be sure to click Subscribe to get future episodes.


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