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Mark Hiddleson is a storage racking industry professional since 1996. He became a top salesperson in the industry. He worked with a leading company serving Northern California and started Specialized Storage Solutions Inc. in 2004 to create something unique and better serve clients.


Mark holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education. He wanted to create a successful business model that offers business services based on Holistic Principles and Trust base relationships.

Everything we learn about the Health of Systems can be applied to business. The more we nurture and provide the best inputs to a business relationship, the better and more successful and holistic the entire business ecosystem will become. This applies to relationships with the company, the employees, the customers and vendors.

Green Your Business!



(707) 732-3892

“Begin with the End in Mind”


We operate on a System that is described in the book by Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Be Pro-active…develop a Circle of Influence. The second habit is to: Begin with the End in Mind.


The End result with every conversation and every action we perform is to have a satisfied customer.

The End result of every satisfied customer is repeat business and a strong positive business referral.

The Health of our company is based on the foundation of our Business relationships.

We want everyone we interact with to think WOW; the people At Specialized are Fantastic.


To Every Customer:

  • We will be a resource to everyone we meet.

  • We will be an adviser a consultant,

  • When you help people make good decisions, they want to introduce you to other people.

  • We strive to be an expert in our Business.

We serve the Industry
This Industry is the source of our livelihood and as Professionals, we give back our time and expertise to improve the value of the industry.

We belong to (Warehouse Education Research Council)

  • Mark is past President of the local chapter 2003-2005.

  • Mark is currently on the Board of the Local Chapter for past 2004 to present.

  • Attends the National Conference, he gets the big picture nationally, internationally and brings it back locally to his clients.


We also give back to the local community

  • As a community volunteer

  • Learn the Art and Science of Warehousing


Specialized Storage Solutions is a Learning and Teaching Company

  • Each person learns their own job.

  • Then they teach their job to someone else in the company.

  • We really know our job when we can teach it to someone else.

  • When people learn other jobs, they can cover for each other.

  • Everyone is crossed trained.

  • Every task and system can be done by two or more people in the Company.



  • When we train others, we can show how mistakes happen.

  • When they know how they happen, they can know how they affect everything else.

  • We can also see others mistakes and make corrections.

  • Build on our own success and the success of other in the firm.

  • Do what works, it saves time and makes more money.

  • “Life is the toughest teacher; it gives the lesson after the test.”



  • Company can have as few employees as necessary.

  • People know their vertical jobs, and the horizontal jobs of the rest of the Company.

  • Everyone learns how the whole business is integrated.

  • Everyone understands that everything they do affects everything else.

  • The customer’s experience of the company is the sum of how well everything is performed in the company, in a timely manner.


Trust Based Relationships

Many of the key ideas that contribute to the success of Specialized Storage Solutions Inc. come from the book: Discovering the Soul of Service, by Leonard Barry, the book contains the 9 drivers of sustainable success, which are:


  1. Shared Values

  2. Strategic Focus on Service

  3. Excellence in the Execution

  4. Control your own destiny

    1. This is a pro-active mind set.

    2. We make things happen.

    3. We are our own creative force in the universe.

    4. Our intention, planning and hard work make it happen.

    5. We are in control of our destiny, not our suppliers or competitors.

  5. Trust Based Relationships

  6. Invest in Employees Success

  7. Act Small, you will give better service

  8. Brand recognition

    1. We are proud of our collateral materials, catalog, brochure, logo on everything. This is all external, what people see.

  9. Generosity to employees, customers, and the community.

    1. Give time, resource and Money.


We have a trust based relationship with everyone; installers, competitors, suppliers and customer. We trust they will do what they promise; they trust us to do what we promise.

The principles of Specialized Storage Solutions invest much of their time out of the office / warehouse and on the road to meet with customers and strategic alliances.

We look forward to working with you on this important endeavor.

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