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At Specialized Storage Solutions, our Mezzanine Masters design, permit, build and install , mezzanine floors, metal buildings, industrial canopies, modular offices, support platforms, and trade show booths. All of our systems are designed and engineered to meet your specific workspace needs and load requirements.  Pre-engineered modular components create the core of your custom structure, reducing architect, engineer costs and time. Our factory prefabricated new or USED mezzanine structures are shipped to you for easy on-site assembly which reduces the expense and time delays of conventional construction. And we provide turnkey projects including permit acquisition and installation.


Pre-engineered steel mezzanine structures and mezzanine floors transform your unused and unproductive overhead air space into valuable space. Our other pre-engineered modular components include support platforms, metal buildings, double decks, and a variety of accessories such as guard rails and stair systems. Our custom metal buildings include multi-story structures, canopies and pump and equipment buildings. We also offer a variety of in-plant modular offices or clean rooms in conjunction with a customized mezzanine to create workplaces that meet your needs.

All of our structures meet applicable building codes including the rigorous specifications demanded in seismically active zones like California. This access to engineering, design and permit acquisition resources provides a faster streamlined process for your project.  Our systems provide a robust structure that easily achieves most required clear spans.

For over 25 years, SSS has been providing our customers with superior service, creative solutions and industry leading execution on new and USED projects.  We provide products and services that are designed to last a lifetime and strive for our customer relationships to share that longevity with mutual success.

Mezzanine and Modular Office
Mezzanine and Modular Office
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