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Pushback Pallet Racking

Pushback Pallet Racking, or Pushback Racking, provides higher storage density. It is a method that allows for pallets to be stored up to 6 pallets deep on either side of an aisle. This can eliminate aisles between racks and products. This cuts down on loading and unloading time which could benefit a warehouse that may be experiencing high costs in labor. Specialized Storage Solutions Inc. implements Pushback Pallet Racking Systems in warehouses that have a variety of different sizes in their pallets. It allows for efficient flow and storage of various pallets at one time. Let’s multiply the pallet storage of your warehouse TODAY! CALL (707)732-3892


In Pushback Racking, the pallets come to you. With gravity- fed telescoping carts, Pushback Racking, allows for different sized pallets to flow to the operator. This design reduces rack damage because they do not need to drive to the pallets. To support your warehouse needs and implement Pushback Racking today, CALL (707) 732-3892

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